Ludus Dance develops and delivers community dance projects across Lancashire and the North West. We believe that every section of the community should have the right to take part in exciting, accessible and entertaining dance activity.

Working with partner organisations, local authorities, community groups, educators and artists, we create opportunities for people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities to see, make and take part in high quality dance with the power to transform and inspire.

Light Up Lancaster 2016

Bring your brolly as ‘light rain’ is forecast.

Commissioned by the Lancaster Arts Partners for Light Up Lancaster and produced by Ludus Dance, Light Rain was a playfully mischievous outdoor dance piece performed by an intergenerational cast of local performers.

Combining movement, projection and a variety of props, Light Rain was developed through a collaboration between Creative Director Anthony Briggs and light artist Andy McKeown and performed in Sun Square on Friday 4th November 2016.

Participating groups: RetroSpective Adult Performance, Ludus Youth Dance Co, LYDC Associates, Maelstrom Youth & families from our Studio Programme Classes.


On Monday 6th June 2016, children and teachers from the Ryelands Primary and Nursery School were greeted by a large inflatable silver structure, very like an alien spacecraft.  With whispers filtering through each year group, all wondered what mighty thing had landed on their doorstep.

Over the course of the week (6th-10th), many children and their families were able to see first hand what hid inside the large silver dome dominating the Lancaster skyline.

Jabadao (2016) - The Tig is a stunning walk-in sculpture filled with colour and wonder. Inside are six players, (dancers and acrobats), waiting to play.”  For babies and children (0-6) and their families/carers, including children with complex learning and health needs, the TIG is a one of a kind experience that cannot always be put into words.

“I spent most of the session in tears, and I'm not entirely sure why. Perhaps because the energy and dare I say, love of the performers was palpable, perhaps because of the swell of pride I felt as I watched my boy, perhaps because I realised what an incredibly safe space we were in where communication, full body communication, was stripped of all cultural and social expectations and my little boy was totally free to be exactly who he is."

(Parent, 2016)

Project partners: Ludus Dance, Primed for Life, Lancaster Arts, Ryelands Primary and Nursery School, The Loyne Specialist School, Skerton St Luke’s CE Primary, Little Nippers Day Nursery, Lune Park Children’s Centre and the Friends of Lancaster Children’s Centres.

Lancashire ENCOUNTER festival 2016

Commissioned by Preston City Council for the Lancashire ENCOUNTER festival 2016, Ludus Dance produced two original performance works for the launch of and during the festival itself:

Light Migrations

A mass performance event for all ages and abilities, Light Migrations brought together over 100 individuals from across the county to move in chorus and celebrate the Lancashire voice.

Performed in the evening to an original music score by Lee Affen and choreography by Vicky Frayard; members of the public at the launch event were invited to see, hear, share and participate in a unique community event.

Brace Yourselves

Working in partnership with UCLan University and the 2nd year dance students, Creative Director Anthony Briggs created a site specific performance work for the Preston train station.

Acting as a key gateway into the city and festival the train station was awash with colour and calamitous shenanigans as the performers dived, rolled and shimmied to Copacabana.

When we commute from one place to another we unconsciously abide by a series of unwritten socially accepted cultural norms.  You buy a ticket, stand and wait patiently, get on your train when it arrives or pace impatiently and sigh heavily if it is late.  You never engage a fellow commuter either in conversation or eye contact; or walk up and down the platform singing ‘OOPS I did it again’ by Britney Spears! Brace Yourselves was a site-specific dance theatre performance piece that dared to break those unwritten rules.

Performed by UClan University students and choreographed by Ludus Dance, the piece delighted and shocked in equal measures.

State of Flux

Funded through the Children in Need Small Grants Scheme, Ludus Dance developed an innovative multi art form project for young people with mental health conditions in Lancashire. We believe that the social impact of the arts can be used to support re-integration to educational provision, community activities and improve interpersonal effectiveness by helping to develop confidence, communication and team working skills, self-motivation and a positive outlook.

Partnering with the Junction, a Tier 4 CAMHS unit in Lancaster, the project involved three professional artists from different fields (dance, music and film) coming together to explore Vines with young people aged between 13 and 18 years.

Running over a 12-week period to provide a safe environment for young people experiencing severe and distressing thoughts and culminating in a digital exhibition, participants learnt how the arts could be used to explore identity and individuality, whilst also getting to grips with the basics of film making, music production and dance choreography.

The project ran between January and March 2016 with artists Jenny Reeves, Lee Affen and Natasha Hawthornthwaite.

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LYDC Perform Somewhere in Between at U.Dance 2015

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