Contemporary Dance


An open session for anyone looking to explore this interesting and absorbing dance style.
Suitable for dancer aged 16+



What it is:
An energising class which includes a range of dance sequences inspired by different contemporary dance styles and techniques.

Who it’s for:
An open and welcoming class for beginners or those with previous experience in any dance style.

When is it:
Thursday 19:00 – 20:15

Class Leader: Ellen Jeffery

Individual classes: £6.00 (subsidised) / £9.00 (actual)
Half term: £36.00 (subsidised) / £54.00 (actual)

*All our class prices are subsidised so as not to exclude those on a low income. However, if you feel that you do not fall into this category you can opt to pay the actual (full) price of a class. By choosing to do this you are helping us continue our charitable work with the community, whilst enabling us to keep our prices low for everyone.

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Class Options

Full Term (Actual), Full Term (Subsidised), Half Term (Actual), Half Term (Subsidised)