AMP (Accelerate Move Propel) arts and cultural activity for young people with a disability.

AMP provides life-enriching experiences, engaging and motivating young people aged 14-25, with special educational needs and disabilities across Lancashire.

With dance as the main artistic tool, this programme allows young people to develop the skills required to lead more independent lives and creative viable pathways for integrated youth dance in the North West.


To date AMP has been delivered in Preston, Burnley and Lancaster, when we have been able to access funding on a project-by-project basis.

We currently run a weekly cultivation HUB in Lancaster at the Loyne School, Lancaster.

Through AMP the young people;

Develop transferable skills e.g. listening, reflection, decision making

Reveal untapped potential, thus raising career aspirations

Improve physical, mental and emotional health and wellbeing

Develop a sense of pride in self, other and place

Accumulate social skills, co-dependence and trust


For more information on AMP or how you can support, contact us today.
Email Laura: or call the Ludus Dance office on 01524 35936.