Bounce Back

The Bounce Back project, in partnership with Cancer Care, is a health intervention scheme using digital music, visual arts and dance, as tools to engage young people experiencing, or at risk of experiencing, issues with grief and bereavement.

The project aims to provide coping mechanisms, outside of talking therapies, creating safe spaces to explore, engage, build confidence and raise self-esteem whilst celebrating individual and group achievements.


Designed via direct consultation with members of Cancer Care's support group and using an adaptive approach to delivery, the young people on the project will continue to feed into the planning and drive decision making, thus fostering a continued sense of ownership, impacting positively on self-esteem, pride and belonging.

Each week the young people use creative tools and digital technologies to explore their own responses to grief and loss.

As a celebration of the groups achievements and to share learning to other local people, the final products will be shared through an online exhibition.



For more information on Bounce Back, contact Laura today.
Email: or call the Ludus Dance office on 01524 35936.

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