It's bleak mid-Winter, in the midst of our third national lockdownLet's bring the Dance ON...

For all the home-schoolers and in-schoolers and anyone who needs to shake up in their day, we invite you to join us and Dance ON Lockdown.

To stay positive, keep moving and get creative we are going LIVE on our Facebook page every Tuesday at 11am & 2pm and every Friday at 2pm for FREE 15 to 20 mintue sessions. Designed for children aged 4 to 11 years but not excluding their parents and carers or siblings, these sessions will help you move, create and imagine new and wonderful surroundings.

Each session will be led by our fully trained and experienced Dance Development Officers. All you need is yourself, some space in your home, comfortable clothes to move in and a little imagination.  We'll save each session to our You Tube channel for you to replay, enjoy again and keep moving to make art that matters. 

Dance ON ... Winter

Spring into the Spring Term with Rachel. Wake up, stretch and clear away the cobwebs.

Dance ON ... through the forest

We'll go on a journey through the forest together with Kate. What will we find? How will we move?

Dance ON ... into space

Let's move from your room into outer space, past the stars, through galaxies and back again with Kate.

Dance ON ... adventures

Find a new and wonderous place right under your nose with Rachel. What will it be? Where will it take you?

Dance ON ... storytime with "Herbie's Big Adventure" by Jennie Poh.

Herbie's going on a big adventure but is feeling quite unsure about it. We're going to go along with him and help him kae some moves?

Dance ON ... storytime with "The Iron Man" by Ted Hughes

"How far had he walked? Nobody knows. Where did he come from? Nobody knows. How was he made? Nobody knows.Can we move like 'The Iron Man'? Will you be strong and fast, or slow and low?

Friday 29th January at 2pm - Dance ON ... creations

Create your own character and star in your own story. What will you be? Where will you go?


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