Retrospective - Ludus Dance


RetroSpective is a dynamic and diverse group of mature dancers who you may have seen performing in and around the Lancaster area.

It’s a terrific performance group made up of a diverse mix of mature dancers with a range of experience in different techniques and backgrounds; from people who have always danced as a hobby to some with full-time dance training. First set up and developed by Gil Graystone and carried on by Helen Gould for Ludus Dance, the group has established a style which leans towards musical theatre and reflects the great time we’re having.

When we’re waiting to perform it may not seem much like fun and anyone who has ever experienced that mild terror just before a performance will understand. But, once we’re on the stage, and afterwards, there’s such a buzz we want to do it all over again.


Group Leader Helen Gould

Helen is a dancer, dance artist, choreographer and producer. She trained at Bird College of Dance and Theatre Performance and her performance career has spanned the commercial and contemporary dance theatre sector in the UK and Europe in contexts ranging from musical theatre to film, contemporary dance and casino productions. Her choreography work has been programmed at regional theatre, including The Lowry, The Dukes Theatre, Oldham coliseum and Chester Grosvenor Open Air Theatre.

Much of Helen’s teaching practice involves working in inclusive settings. She is particularly interested in developing opportunities with, and for, people with specific needs. This includes people with particular health conditions and people with disabilities.

She has a keen interest in Dalcroze Eurhythmics, a method of teaching music through the body. She is currently studying her MSc in Dance Science and Education at Edinburgh University.

RetroSpective are always looking for new members to join in the dance!
Email or call the Ludus Dance office on 01524 35936.