The Alien Needs Our Help is a creative health and wellbeing programme, from Ludus Dance and More Music, commissioned by Lancaster City Council’s Public Protection, we are now offering it to primary schools across the district.

Designed to support teachers to deliver aspects of the science and PSHE curriculum, The Alien Needs our Help, is a FREE, one-hour-a-week workshop, run over 6 weeks for two classes in your school (one hour per class).

What happens in the session
On their first encounter the children find a musician in their classroom playing guitar. The children are invited in quietly and are told that an alien from far, far away is asleep in the room.
They find out that they need to help wake them up through song. The alien hasn’t been to Earth for a while and is surprised to discover they have been equipped with all this ‘science stuff’. Can the children help the alien understand how the world has changed and teach them how to keep safe from diseases and viruses- so that they can return to their family on their home planet without worrying about making them poorly?

Over the six weeks, the sessions will cover the following areas:
• How to stay healthy and keep yourself safe from germs

• The history of vaccines, how they work and why we have them

• Working with the children to generate creative responses to their experiences of the
   pandemic and lockdown through music, dance and movement



Teacher Testimony

Liz Rice, Ryelands School

Working with Ludus and More Music on the project brought Science and History to life for the children. Their prior knowledge of germs and the importance of being hygienic, was extended by learning about the discovery of the first vaccine and how vaccines work. They fully engaged with the exploration of movement to explain scientific concepts, and songs to remember key historical dates and names.

What the children say

I was nervous when we did the performance, but I overcame my fear.

I enjoyed the dancing because it gave me confidence.

I am very proud of myself and I didn’t even know who even did the first vaccine.

I was scared at first, but I got through it. I loved Chris’ guitar.

I felt shy at first, but I loved the washing hands song.

I enjoyed stopping the germs fighting us.

I liked Edward Jenner.

Thank you for teaching us!

Want the Alien to visit your school?

Contact Rachel Deadman (Ludus Dance) or Darren Leadsom (More Music) today!
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A dancer working for Ludus Dance interacting with primary school children as part of the Alien Needs Our Help workshop
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