WeRave | Light Up Lancaster 2022

What is WeRave?

During Light Up Lancaster this year Ludus Youth Dance Company and guest artists are performing 'WeRave', a performance choreographed with Manchester based cross-art collaboration company Night People. WeRave is designed to encapsulate the coming-of-age rituals missed during the covid-19 pandemic and boost wellbeing amongst the performers and the audience. WeRave will not only include great choreography but will showcase motion capture footage and dance film through projections upon the walls of Sun Square. The rave vibes will be enhanced by laser lighting and the accompanying composition and remix produced by Conna Haraway.  As a member of the audience, the audio will guide you through the performance, encouraging you to listen and respond as the energy intensifies.

Come over to Sun Square on Friday 4th November or Saturday 5th November from 5pm!


Want to get involved?

Throughout each 45 minute cycle there will be increased opportunities to get involved (only if you want to!) in a judgement-free space where we can hang out and create a vibe of shared wellbeing. Just listen to the audio and be guided by the performance hosts. Relax and party with us!


Why rave?

Following a rave workshop with Night People that Ludus Youth Dance Company gloriously lost themselves in, we embarked on a vision to create an event for Light Up Lancaster.  Through creative collaboration with Night People our young people have created a performance, which at its heart encourages people to have fun (whilst providing a bit of relief and a boost to wellbeing after a difficult couple of years).


Guest performers

Guest dancer Zhenglang CHEN is an exchange student from China who will be joining LYDC from Lancaster Uni via a partnership with the Confucious Institute.  Zhenglang is joined by LYDC Alumni and developing dance artist Jess Bennett, alongside two current UCLan dance students India and Jessica. 


Digital performers

Laura Stevens (Edge Hill graduate)

Kat Rudge (Salford University)

Charles Wilson

and members of the CAT programme



Additional details


Each cycle of the performance lasts 45 minutes, beginning with a 12-minute display of motion capture footage and video projected onto the walls of Sun Square.

Chapter 1 – 10 minsutes of projections and explanation of what is happening

Chapter 2 – Main dance section (full Rave Tribe)

Chapter 3 -  Breakaway solos

Chapter 4 – LYDC Juniors join the Tribe & encourage audience to participate on the edges

Chapter 5 – Finale – audience invited to join the free party jam until the track ends

Crowds disperse

(Cycle starts again)



Friday show start times

5.30pm - 6.10pm

18:50pm - 19.30pm

20:10pm - 9:50pm

Motion capture scans of individuals dancing with a member of LYDC in front of a crowd.
Ludus Youth Dance Company dancing during a Night People workshop in preparation for Light Up Lancaster
Daisy of Night People Manchester takes 3D scans of LYDC routines for projections on the day of he performance
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