The Promenade of Galaxies

Participatory, promenade devised and performed by our flagship youth dance company, LYDC and a community cast.

Celebrating the 50th anniversary of the moon landings, The Promenade of Galaxies questions the meaning of one of the most optimistic events of the 20th century. Presenting a multi-cultural perspective on the race to the moon, young people present their response to the Zambian 'Afronauts', Japanese moon folklore and why pioneering astronauts were dismissed as 'Spam in a Can.'


Incorporating youth dance and a community cast, The Promenade of Galaxies creates a mass participatory performance. 

Our performance incorporated inflatable planets and blimps, sound and light projection, along with a play session inside a space hedghog to fully immerse the audience in the spectacle:

15 minute performance from the youth dance comany
15 minute perfromace with the community cast
15 minute audience interaction with the Ludus Dance team
This created a 45 minute sequence which ran through the festival

We have made The Promenade of Galaxies available as a package, for your youth & community groups which can travel to light festivals around the country.


For more information on The Promenade of Galaxies and how you can plan and deliver your own participatory light festival promenade, contact us today.
Email: or call the Ludus Dance office on 01524 35936.

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